Manage Connections

The Manage Connections window is used to create, edit, rename, delete, and otherwise manage connections. To access this window, use Connect→Manage Connections.

Picture of Manage Connections window.

Example Manage Connections window.

The window has the following elements:


Whether each connection is currently active, meaning that it has been opened and a server is connected (Yes or No). The colors used in this column can be customized using a stylesheet.

Batch connections do not have an active or inactive status.


The name of each connection. There are some limitations on names, for example, names must start with an alphanumeric character. Invalid names will be flagged when creating a new connection.

The connections associated with the persistent user server and transient local server are fixed and always present.

Connections marked as favorite will be displayed in Connect→Favorites. Additionally, the most recently favorited connections of each type will be displayed directly in the Connect menu itself.
Each connection's configured Type.
Launch From
The server that each connection is configured to LaunchFrom. If blank, the connection is run directly by qtermy. The server name shown comes from the server's saved state.
Each connection's configured Command.
New Item
Creates a new empty connection from scratch. Depending on the chosen type, the connection is opened in a settings editor dialog or type-specific dialog.
Clone Item
Makes a copy of the selected connection and opens it in a settings editor dialog or Batch Connection editor if it is a batch connection.
Delete Item
Deletes the selected connection.
Rename Item
Renames the selected connection.
Edit Item
Opens the selected connection in a settings editor dialog or Batch Connection editor if it is a batch connection.
Launch Item
Opens the selected inactive connection, as OpenConnection does.
Disconnects the selected active connection, as DisconnectServer does.
Reload Files
Scans for new connection settings files and for changes to existing files.