Tools are dockable widgets that are displayed in qtermy's main application windows. Use View→Tools or Tools→Activate to bring up a tool. Click the close button on a tool's title bar to close it. Drag a tool's title bar or tab to rearrange or detach the tool.

The active tool is the tool other than the Terminals tool and Keymap tool that was last used in some way. A tool is made active by clicking anywhere in it, by calling actions specific to the tool, or when the tool autoraises itself. The Tools menu tracks the active tool and shows only entries that apply to that tool. Certain actions such as ToolPrevious, ToolNext, ToolAction and ToolSearch operate on the active tool.

A tool that is searchable has a search bar that can be shown using ToolSearch. A tool that is navigable has a current selection that can be acted on using ToolAction and moved using either the generic ToolPrevious, ToolNext, ToolFirst, and ToolLast, or tool-specific actions such as FilePrevious and FileNext.

Some tools can be configured to autoraise themselves in response to external events. For example, the Terminals tool can raise itself when the active terminal changes, the Suggestions tool can raise itself when a command is being entered, and the Tasks tool can raise itself upon a task starting or finishing. Tool auto-raising is configured in the Global settings.

Use the following actions to quickly raise each tool. The key bindings shown are from qtermy's compiled-in default keymap; your keymap may differ.

Tool settings, including table column sorting and visibility, whether or not the search bar and table header are visible, and autoscroll options, are saved in the State settings.