Icon Rules Editor

The ruleset managed by the Icon Rules Editor dialog is used to:

Rules are processed in order from top to bottom whenever an attribute named in any rule changes. The icon name from the first matching rule will be used. If no rule matches or the matching rule's icon is not found, the name "default" is used. The name "none" specifies an empty icon. Icon images are loaded as SVG files from $HOME/.local/share/qtermy/images/command and prefix/share/qtermy/images/command in that order.

To access this window, use Settings→Icon Autoswitch Rules or the EditIconRules action.

Picture of Icon Rules Editor dialog.

Example Icon Rules Editor dialog.

The dialog has the following elements:

Attribute Name
The name of the terminal attribute to match against. Click to edit.
Match Condition

The condition that must be met or not met for the rule to match. All matching is case sensitive. Click to edit.

  • Is: The attribute value must equal the match string.
  • Is set: The attribute value must be set to any value, including the empty string. The match string is ignored.
  • Starts with: The attribute value must start with the match string.
  • Ends with: The attribute value must end with the match string.
  • Contains: The attribute value must contain the match string at any position.
  • Matches regex: The attribute value must match the match string, which is interpreted as an ECMAScript regular expression.
Match String
The string or regular expression to match against the attribute value. Click to edit.
Next Icon
The icon to display upon a match. Click to edit.
Prepend Rule
Inserts a new rule at the beginning of the list
Insert Rule
Inserts a new rule at the location of the selected rule
Append Rule
Adds a new rule to the end of the list
Clone Rule
Duplicates the selected rule in the list
Delete Rule
Removes the selected rule from the list
Choose Icon
Brings up a separate dialog to choose the icon for the selected rule. The icon can also be changed by clicking in the table.
Move to Top
Moves the selected rule to the top of the list
Move Up
Moves the selected rule up in the list
Move Down
Moves the selected rule down in the list
Move to Bottom
Moves the selected rule to the bottom of the list
Saves changes made in the dialog
Discards changes made in the dialog
Restore Defaults
Erases all rules and inserts the compiled-in default rules

The icon autoswitch rules are stored at $HOME/.config/qtermy/icon.rules. Rule definition lines within this file have the following format:

match_condition "attribute_name" "match_string" "icon_name"

The valid condition types are: is, set, startswith, endswith, contains, and regex as described under Match Condition above. Prefix an exclamation mark (!) to the condition type to negate it.

All fields must be present even if they are not used, but unused fields may be empty strings. Blank lines and comment lines starting with a hash mark (#) in the first column are permitted.