Connection StatusΒΆ

The Connection Status dialog is automatically shown when a connection is being opened and any of the following occur:

  • Output is printed by the connection's Command.
  • A brief timeout has passed and the connection is still ongoing.
  • The connection has failed.

The dialog will automatically close when the connection succeeds.

Picture of Connection Status dialog showing a prompt displayed by sudo.

Example Connection Status dialog.

The dialog has the following elements:

Command Output

Displays the connection's Command itself, followed by any output printed by the command. This usually consists of prompts and error messages.

The string **** is displayed as a placeholder when input is submitted.

Password, pass phrase, or other input
Text entered here will be sent to the command on its standard input when Return is pressed or the Enter button is clicked.
Submits the contents of the input text field to the command.
Click to retry a failed connection.
Cancels the connection and closes the dialog.