Settings for qtermy are stored under $HOME/.config/qtermy. Settings files use INI format (as written by Qt's QSettings class) with the exception of keymaps and autoswitch rules which use custom formats. All settings files are text files that can be opened and edited using any text editor. However, note that qtermy does not monitor for external changes to settings files. Most settings object management dialogs have a Reload Files button that can be used to load external changes to settings files without restarting the application. Take care not to save settings from within qtermy when making external changes to settings files.

Profile autoswitch rules and icon autoswitch rules are documented with the Profile Rules Editor and Icon Rules Editor respectively. The application's command history database, although not technically a settings file, is documented with the Suggestions Tool. All other settings objects are documented on the pages below.


Settings files can be exchanged with other qtermy users. Do you have a pretty new Theme or a useful new Profile, Keymap, Alert, or Launcher? Give it to your friends and coworkers!