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  • First Post (article) on May 12 2018

    TermySequence has released! As a terminal emulation system, TermySequence is a new entry in a crowded field. This post explains the design goals of the project and what makes it different from other terminal emulators.

  • Featured Plugin: Rectangle Copy (plugin) on June 07 2018

    This is the first in a series of posts showcasing individual qtermy plugins. Today's plugin is a custom action, RectangleCopy.

  • New Shell Integration Setup (article) on October 06 2018

    If shell integration stops working for you after the next release, run Setup Tasks from the Help menu to fix it.

  • Become a Volunteer Packager (article) on October 08 2018

    We'd like to see TermySequence packaged for more Linux distributions. Anyone who enjoys using the product and wants to package it for their preferred distribution may, on a volunteer basis:

  • Session Environment Variables (article) on October 10 2018

    TermySequence is a terminal emulator multiplexer, designed to run as a daemon process or socket-activated systemd user service. As such, termy-server and its terminals tend to outlive user login sessions made via console login or ssh.

  • All About Color Themes (article) on October 12 2018

    The 1.1.1 release of qtermy includes 8 new color themes by graphic designer Katharine Scott. This makes it a good time to explain everything you ever wanted to know about how terminal colors are handled in TermySequence.

  • Featured Plugin: Rotate Theme (plugin) on October 14 2018

    Today's plugin is a custom action, RotateTheme. While there is a "Random Color Theme" action in the View menu, there was no way to rotate through the available color themes in order. New plugin API provided in the 1.1.0 release allows theme rotation to be implemented in Javascript.

  • Release 1.1.4 Announcement (release) on October 15 2018

    TermySequence 1.1.4 has released! Over the summer, much work was done in the area of dependencies and packaging with the goal of spreading TermySequence to more Linux distributions. Here are the major changes introduced in the 1.1.0 series up to this point: