Become a Volunteer PackagerΒΆ

We'd like to see TermySequence packaged for more Linux distributions. Anyone who enjoys using the product and wants to package it for their preferred distribution may, on a volunteer basis:

  • Get TermySequence building on the distribution by following the build process.
  • Create packages for termy-server and termy-qt. The termy-packaging repository may contain useful files to help with this task.
  • Shepherd the packages through the submission process for distribution's official repositories.
  • Update the packages as upstream releases are made.
  • Report bugs upstream by filing issues on GitHub.

In turn, packagers should expect a responsive upstream that acknowledges issues in a reasonable time and attempts to make the packaging job easier wherever possible.

No coordination with us is required, but feel free to file an issue against termy-website to add a distribution to the releases page.

Disclaimer: this is not an acceptable contract nor an offer or guarantee of employment or compensation in any form.