Release 1.1.4 AnnouncementΒΆ

TermySequence 1.1.4 has released! Over the summer, much work was done in the area of dependencies and packaging with the goal of spreading TermySequence to more Linux distributions. Here are the major changes introduced in the 1.1.0 series up to this point:

  • Split termy-server and qtermy into separate source tarballs. This allows for separate releases of each program and also makes life easier for server-only packagers.
  • Added support for libfuse version 2 to support distributions that don't package libfuse version 3.
  • The Chrome V8 library is now bundled with qtermy and built as a static library. With Fedora dropping its V8 package and other distros not having one to begin with, this is a necessary move.
  • The termy-emoji and termy-icon-theme subprojects are now bundled with qtermy as well.
  • Added 8 new builtin color themes. Blog: All About Color Themes.
  • Reworked the setup mechanism to source shell integration scripts from user dotfiles instead of /etc/profile.d. Blog: New Shell Integration Setup.
  • Implemented a new way to update session environment variables. Blog: Session Environment Variables.
  • Added new plugin API to support the Rotate Theme plugin.
  • New binary packages for Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Arch via Open Build Service with all packaging metadata available here.
  • Various bug fixes.