Client Messages

ANNOUNCE_CLIENT C(2000) clientid version hops flags key+value...

Sent by the client during the Post-Handshake Exchange.

  • clientid (16): The client identifier.
  • version (4): The client's protocol minor version, as in the handshake message.
  • hops (4): Set this field to zero.
  • flags (4): The client flags.
  • key+value: The client's attributes as NUL-terminated UTF-8 strings.
GET_CLIENT_ATTRIBUTE S(2002) serverid clientid targetid key...

Request one or more client attributes. A separate response will be sent for each requested attribute.

GET_CLIENT_ATTRIBUTE_RESPONSE C(2002) clientid serverid targetid key[+value]
  • clientid (16): The destination client identifier.
  • serverid (16): The originating server identifier.
  • targetid (16): The target client identifier.
  • key[+value]: The attribute name and optional value as NUL-terminated UTF-8 strings. If the value is absent, the attribute was removed.
THROTTLE_PAUSE C(2005) clientid destid termid size8 threshold8

Sent to the client when an intermediate server has too much buffered data waiting to send to a destination. The client should cease sending data, in particular task output data, to the destination named by destid. When the backlog is cleared, a THROTTLE_RESUME message will be sent for the terminal or connection named by termid.

  • clientid (16): The destination client identifier.
  • destid (16): The identifier of the destination terminal or server for which traffic should be paused.
  • termid (16): The identifier of the intermediate terminal or connection where data is piling up waiting to send.
  • size8 (8): The amount of buffered data outstanding.
  • threshold8 (8): The threshold of buffered data for sending the pause message.
THROTTLE_RESUME T(2005) termid

Sent to the client when a throttled terminal or connection has cleared its backlog of buffered data and transmission to destinations downstream of it may resume. See THROTTLE_PAUSE.

  • termid (16): The identifier of the intermediate terminal or connection that is now unthrottled.