termy-query - Get, set, and clear TermySequence attributes


termy-query get [varname]
termy-query set [varname] [value]
termy-query clear [varname]


termy-query is used to get, set, and clear terminal attributes from within a TermySequence terminal session. This is a low-level tool intended to be used from wrapper scripts such as termyctl(1).


get varname
Retrieve the value of an attribute, which will be printed on standard output.
set varname value
Set an attribute to a given value.
clear varname
Remove an attribute.


Print basic help
Print version information
Attempt to show this man page
Print license information and disclaimer of warranty

Exit Status

0: Success.
1: Failed to parse command line arguments.
2: Attribute is not set to any value (get only).
3: Error communicating with the server.
4: Error writing to standard output.


Attribute values may contain arbitrary UTF-8, including control characters. Proceed with caution when reading and printing variable values.

Only certain attributes can be set or cleared from within terminals. Attempting to set or clear other attributes will have no effect.

termy-query uses escape sequences that are specific to TermySequence. Running under other terminal emulators will have undefined results.

termy-query is an alias for termy-server; both functions are implemented by the same binary.

See Also

termyctl(1), termy-server(1)